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White Lotus Character Cocktail Pairing & Season 2 Finale Reaction

The White Lotus Season 2 finale has brought a great opportunity to bring you Erin C's suggested list of Character Cocktail Pairings to further enhance your viewing experience. Join us right after the finale for a full recap and reaction podcast! Watch below!

1. The Burt

Anything that, if you drink it, will make you fall down and hit your head.

May we suggest: a Long Island Iced Tea

2. The Harper

Anything with bitters.

May we suggest: an Old-Fashioned

3. The Cameron

Anything you drink and then refuse to pay for.

May we suggest: a Vodka Tonic with a Condom Wrapper Garnish

4. The Tanya

Anything that will make you a "Symphony of Salmon".

May we suggest: a Pink Lady

5. The Greg

Anything that will make you cough.

May we suggest: 180 proof straight Whiskey

6. The Ethan

Something bland

May we suggest: Water

7. The Albie

Something that seems sweet at first, but...

May we suggest: a Red Devil

8. The Quentin

Something sophisticated...right?

May we suggest: Champaign in a Can

9. The Dominick

Anything you drink that will make your spouse angry at you.

May we suggest: Absinthe

10. The Jack

Anything you thought was cool, but end up not so much.

May we suggest: Vodka and Redbull

11. The Portia

Anything... as long as you complain about it.

May we suggest White Claw

12. The Mia

Anything that makes you sing at a piano bar.

May we suggest: a Tequila Sunrise

13. The Lucia

Anything that makes you take your clothes off.

May we suggest: Moonshine

14. The Daphne

Anthony that costs waaaayyyyy too much.

May we suggest: Dom Perignon


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