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Everything You Need to Know for Monday, July 1!

1. SCOTUS Decisions Rock the Internet

The Supreme Court (SCOTUS) is trending again, making waves with its latest decisions. Whether you agree or disagree, it’s clear SCOTUS is like that unpredictable relative who always shakes up family gatherings. Keep your popcorn handy—this judicial rollercoaster isn't slowing down anytime soon​ (Trend Calendar)​​ (trends24)​.

2. Ronaldo: Still Breaking the Internet

Cristiano Ronaldo trends every time he sneezes, but this time it's due to his latest match heroics. The internet can’t get enough of CR7, proving once again that he's not just a soccer player but a global phenomenon. We’re starting to think his abs have their own Twitter account​ (trends24)​​ (​.

3. Barbenheimer: The Meme Mashup We Didn’t Know We Needed

"Barbenheimer" is the delightful mashup of Barbie and Oppenheimer, and it’s breaking the internet. Fans are blending the innocent world of Barbie with the intense narrative of Oppenheimer, creating hilarious and bizarre content. It's a crossover we never saw coming but definitely needed​ (trends24)​​ (ReHack)​.

4. Klay Thompson's Comeback

Klay Thompson is trending after an impressive performance on the court, reminding everyone why he's one of the Splash Brothers. Twitter is ablaze with praise, memes, and, of course, debates about whether he’s better than Steph Curry. Grab your jerseys, basketball fans—it's game time​ (Trend Calendar)​​ (​.

5. #FRABEL: The Epic Showdown

The hashtag #FRABEL is all about the epic France vs. Belgium match. Fans are sharing highlights, lowlights, and everything in between. Whether you're Team France or Team Belgium, one thing’s for sure—soccer (or football, if you're fancy) brings out the passionate tweeters in all of us​ (Trend Calendar)​​ (trends24)​.

6. Supreme Court’s Biggest Fan: The Constitution

Yes, the Constitution is trending alongside SCOTUS. It’s like the ultimate legal power couple making headlines together. People are diving deep into discussions about amendments, rights, and interpretations. It's the nerdiest yet most essential trend of the week​ (Trend Calendar)​​ (trends24)​.

7. NVIDIA’s #BeyondFast: Gamers Rejoice

NVIDIA’s new GeForce RTX 40 Series has gamers everywhere drooling. The hashtag #BeyondFast is all over Twitter as people geek out over the high-performance graphics cards. If you’re into pixels and power, this trend is your playground​ (ReHack)​.

8. Tim Allen's Twitter Jokes

Tim Allen is trending for his latest tweet poking fun at President Biden. The internet is divided—some laughing, some not so much. It’s a reminder that comedy is subjective and Twitter is where jokes go to thrive or die spectacularly​ (ReHack)​.

9. Don Lemon and Royal Reparations

Don Lemon’s interview about royal reparations following Queen Elizabeth II’s death has sparked major debate. With Twitter being Twitter, the discussions range from serious historical analyses to less-than-serious memes. Grab your teacup and join the discourse​ (ReHack)​.

10. Space Force’s New Anthem: Semper Supra

The U.S. Space Force launched its official song, "Semper Supra," and Twitter has thoughts. From genuine praise to parodic jabs, this trend is out of this world. It’s good to know that even in space, we can’t escape catchy tunes​ (ReHack)​.

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