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Where Does Boyd Tinsley Stand On DMB's Hall of Fame Induction

Click to watch the show break down Boyd TInsley's status as Dave Mathews Band will be inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame.

Boyd Tinsley, known for his electrifying performances on the violin, was an integral part of the Dave Matthews Band for over two decades. His distinctive sound added depth and dimension to the band's music, becoming synonymous with their signature style. However, Tinsley's departure in 2018 due to sexual misconduct allegations left a void in the band and raised questions about their future direction.

Despite Tinsley's absence, the Dave Matthews Band has continued to thrive, demonstrating resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity. With the addition of new members and the exploration of fresh musical avenues, the band has embraced change while staying true to their roots.

But with the news that the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame committee finally pulled their heads out of their collective asses and decided to respect the fan vote, DMB is finally being inducted!

But where does that leave Boyd?

HOF CEO, Greg Harris, joined The Preston & Steve Show recently to confirm that Boyd will be listed as a founder member and indeed enshrined with the rest of the band... However, it is unclear at this moment on whether or not he will be invited to participate with the rest of the band. That decision is left up to the DMB camp, who, for the last several years have rarely acknowledged Boyd's existence despite BT's constant bizarre social media posts.

The last time Dave acknowledged Boyd's existence was 2019 and this is what he had to say (click the video to hear Dave)

Wondering about Boyd is the natural first question that comes to mind because of the salacious way he left the group, but as a longtime fan, I also wonder if Peter Greisar will be included since he technically was there even before Boyd.

What song will DMB open up their induction performance with?

  • Ants Marching

  • Song That Jane Likes

  • Grey Street

  • I'll Back You Up

One thing is for certain. All the DMB fans that voted deserve kudos. Shout out to the DMB Gorge Crew, all the Facebook Groups, Warehouse members and more who spent time constantly making sure the fan base was heard from so that the band couldn't be denied.

Which leaves me with one final question... When are we getting a new album already!?!?!

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