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5 Song Challenge: The Hold Steady

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

After J-Sab threw down the 5 Song Challenge with Blink-182 in an attempt to prove to Frankie C that they were a good band (he still doesn't like them) Anthony stepped up to see if The Hold Steady would have a different fate...

Here are Anthony's songs to listen to... Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram if you're with your ol pal Ant and you think The Hold Steady is a good band or you're with Frankie C and you think they suck.

By the way you can watch the full challenge play out on the latest episode of the podcast here

OK, here are the songs... Give them a listen and tell us what you think!

Constructive Summer

Sequestered In Memphis

Stuck Between Stations

Stay Positive

One For The Cutters

First Night

Atlantic City (Springsteen Cover)


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