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Its Not OK to Abuse Your Authority, Unless You Think Your Wife Is Cheating

I hate abuse of power. I really do. Mostly because it is always used to foment evil. However, when you're trying to expose evil, then I feel like we're entering Batman territory. It's the difference between being a criminal and a vigilante. Both illegal, but one is being used for good while the other isn't.

That is why I'm defending Lt. Ryan Terrell of the North Charleston Police Department, who was recently demoted for using city cameras to see if his wife was cheating on him...


All this man did was harmlessly use some cameras to see if his wife was blowing his coworker. So why on earth are we punishing this man?

To add insult to injury, he came clean and admitted to doing it! What honesty!!!

OK, so did he tell some coworkers he'd wind up in jail if he found out it was true? Yes he did, but who hasn't said that? My wife threatens me at least 10 times a week with what she calls "love speak," about what would happen to me if I ever strayed

And you know what? I respect it!

Cheating is the absolute worst! Think about it, its the worst thing you can do in a marriage. And to cheat with a fellow coworker? I know this sounds weird but its worse for police officers. Because you know they have guns! You cheat on an accountant, OK, your life isn't in much danger, but you cheat on a person who, the possibility of shooting a person is just apart of their daily job, that is a different story altogether.

Now Lt. Terrell has to go back on patrol instead sitting in a cushy office and looking at cameras all day long. This is an injustice of epic proportions.

I would have done exactly what he did if I was in his position and I don't know anyone who wouldn't!

Would you?

If I was his boss I would have given him the ol' "Get out of my office ya crazy kid and don't do it again," fully expecting him to do it again if he felt it was necessary. Kind of like how I yell at my kids not to eat Oreos in the living room knowing full well they're going to continue to do it for the next 10 years.

This man is just that, a man. He's honest. He is a hero! Never mind that he's a veteran who served his country. Forget that for a moment. Even without that... HERO!!!

I'm calling on the clowns who run the North Charleston PD to not only reinstate him to his proper rank and position, but to give him a raise and a promotion.

If you want to read the full facts of this case, you can do so here from our pals down at WCSC.

After you do, you tell me if you think I'm wrong.

Should this cop be persecuted?

  • Yes, what he did was wrong

  • No, we'd all do the same thing in his position

  • Promote this hero! He's doing God's work!


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