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Frankie Minaj Shows Up Nicki

What started out as an innocent bit turned into a bet and resulted in Frankie C having to pose Nicki Minaj style, naked on his desk.

During a recent episode, Frankie C no more than 20 people would even ask for the "Frankie Minaj," photoshoot. We stopped counting at 100. Credit Frankie C, he's giving the people what they want!

Watch the moment the bet was made below.

But that wasn't the end of the betting. Towards the end of the podcast that premiered the Frankie Minaj photos, Anthony made another bet with Frank. If this episode (Linked below) gets 1,000 Likes on Youtube, Frankie C gets a fresh pair of his favorite sneakers... Sketchers!

So if you'd like to reward Frankie C for his efforts in paying of the Frankie Minaj bet, share this vid and get everyone you know to hit that THUMBS UP!!!

With out further ado, here are the hi-res shots of Frankie Minaj!

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