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First Ghislaine Maxwell Prison Photo Released

Ghislaine Maxwell has been in a Brooklyn prison since she was arrested on July 2, 2020 but it wasn't until today, April 29, 2021 that we got to see an actual picture of her.

In fact she made her first in person appearance in court just a few days ago and not one photo was taken. There were a few court drawings which we covered on this episode of the podcast.

In a letter Sternheim wrote, "Last night, she was confronted by MDC staff due to a visible bruise over her left eye. No guard addressed the bruise until Ms. Maxwell, who has no mirror, caught a reflection of her aching eye in the glean of a nail clipper. At that point, MDC staff confronted Ms. Maxwell regarding the source of the bruise, threatening to place her in the SHU if she did not reveal how she got it,” referring to the special housing unit.

Maxwell's other attorney David Marks believes she unintentionally gave herself the black eye saying, “It’s no surprise that she may have been unintentionally injured trying to keep the light out of her eyes at night,” referring to the fact that prison guards flash a light on her every 15 minutes while she's sleeping to make sure that she is breathing. Ghislaine has been subject to these special tactics since being put on suicide watch months ago.

Its been a busy time for Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein news as just a few days ago, never before seen photos of the two of them with President Clinton in the Oval Office were just released. Watch that podcast for the significance of why this was such a big revelation in this story.

Will be covering this new photograph release on the next episode of the podcast on Friday. Don't forget new episodes are released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday around 10:15pm. You can watch on Youtube and Facebook or listen on any of the major podcast networks.


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