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Tiger Merchandise Soars In Wake Of Tiger King

Netflix does not do merchandise and I hope they are learning from this big mistake. In the wake of Tiger King sweeping the nation (no doubt helped by the quarantine caused by COVID-19) Tiger merchandise is soaring just about everywhere.

A spokesperson for EBAY told Rolling Stone that searches for “Tiger King” jumped 336% in the two days immediately following the release of the show on March 20th. Sales for “tiger-related apparel, toys and accessories,” meantime, have increased by 56% over the last two weeks, the spokesperson says.

So here are some of the top selling Tiger King items being sold on Amazon right now along with some of our favorites...

Click on the pictures to see a larger version

10. The Melissa & Doug Large Stuffed Animal

9. That Bitch Carol Coffee Mug

8. Tiger Loafers (Joe probably owns these... right?)

7. Joe Exotic Socks (If you're buying the shoes, you need the socks)

6. Make America Exotic Again

5. Switch Political Parties

4. Free Joe Exotic

3. Tiger Undies (Joe's a freak in the sheets, why shouldn't you be?)

2. Carol Baskin Tee

1. Carol Epstein

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