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Songs for Memorial Day Weekend

Every week at the Anthony On Air podcast we pick some must listen to tracks... Some absolute BANGERS! And we put them in the Banger Hanger. This week we're going old school with Spinal Tap, tapping into Country with the Zac Brown Band and J-Sabs pick for the new Nicki Minaj! Check out the #BangerHanger this week!

A little patriotic for this Memorial Day Weekend. People don't often associate patriotism with this track but if you listen to the bridge its all there. And catch as hell! Absolute BANGER! - Ant

Who gives a shit if Anthony picked this track two weeks ago. Its hitting J-Sabs right now and she's got it on the playlist for Memorial Day Weekend! If you want to be included in picking a song for the Banger Hanger just tag us on your favorite social network and use the hashtag #BangerHanger when sharing the track.

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Frankie C keeps it rockin' this week going a little off the board with Spinal Tap!

Watch the pod where we discuss putting all these songs into this weeks Banger Hanger.


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