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Sea Wolf & Algiers Added To Banger Hanger

Every week at the Anthony On Air podcast we pick some must listen to tracks... Some absolute BANGERS! And we put them in the Banger Hanger. This week we're going old school with Korn, tapping into TikTok with Miley Cyrus and diggin' on some new BANGERS from Sea Wolf and Algiers! Check out the #BangerHanger this week!

Sea Wolf has pulled me into their ecosystem with Forever Nevermore. I've heard of the group for a few years but never really spent much time with their music. 10 seconds into this track and I was hooked. The cadence of the hook in Forever Nevermore is just so damn catchy. Absolute BANGER! - Ant

Algiers was fan submitted for this weeks Banger Hanger! Shoutout to Stefanie who said that we needed to hear this track. Love the angry piano, hip hop vibe and genuine lyrics. Great pick Stefanie! If you want to be included in picking a song for the Banger Hanger just tag us on your favorite social network and use the hashtag #BangerHanger when sharing the track.

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Frankie C puts a real Metal Banger in the Hanger this week with a classic early 2000 Korn track Here To Stay. Frankie used to get pumped up for a day at work by listening to this on his way in to the gig.

J-Sabs dips into a viral TikTok hit with The Kid LAROI and Miley Cyrus - Without You. Its catchy as all heck and got a lot of men slapped on TikTok, but its a helluva good tune and a certified Banger that belongs in our musical airplane hanger.

Watch the pod where we discuss putting all these songs into this weeks Banger Hanger.


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