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Robert Smith of The Cure Returns

Every week at the Anthony On Air podcast we pick some must listen to tracks... Some absolute BANGERS! And we put them in the Banger Hanger.

Robert Smith of The Cure returns to duet with CHVRCHES in this catchy track called How Not To Drown. CHVRCHES has such an amazing sound and hearing Robert Smiths classic voice against this pop/edm melodies is just so sweet! - Ant

An absolute 90's classic! - Jsabs

If you want to be included in picking a song for the Banger Hanger just tag us on your favorite social network and use the hashtag #BangerHanger when sharing the track.

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Frankie C keeping it on the light and fun side with Weird Al!

Watch the pod where we discuss putting all these songs into this weeks Banger Hanger.


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