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Mr. Feeny and Wife Were In an Open Marriage!!!

In a recent interview, Bonnie Bartlett, the wife of "Boy Meets World" actor William Daniels, revealed that the couple had been in an open marriage during their over 70-year relationship.

Bartlett details in her new book, "Middle of the Rainbow," how she cheated on her husband in the late 1950s and that it became painful when it was revealed that her husband, William Daniels, who will forever be known as Mr. Feeny, was sleeping with a producer in the 1970s.

Shit was crazy back in the day.

Bartlett, who described the revelation in recent interviews as devastating and painful reveals in the book that their open marriage became closed from that moment on, and that it took a long time for them to repair the relationship.

The couple who have acted together several times, including on Boy Meets World, first got together in 1951 when she was only 18 years old.

Kind of makes you rethink some of that heartfelt advice that Mr. Feeney gave to Shawn, Cory and Topanga, doesn't it?

Our childhood was a lie...


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