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Mike Tyson's Comeback Is Official

Not only is 54 year old Mike Tyson stepping back into the ring, he's helping launch a new social media network at the same time!

Mike Tyson will fight Roy Jones Jr. (Yes its 1997 again) in California on September 12th and it will not only be available on Pay Per View but also on the new social media app Triller.

So if you're old enough to know who Mike Tyson is you're old enough to not keep track of every new social media app that launches every 5 mins so lets explain. Triller was actually launched back in 2015 and has been slowly growing organically over the last 5 years. Its most been compared to TikTok in its ability to take popular music and combine it with a users creation. So if quarantine had you trying TikTok for the first time, perhaps you're ready for Triller, which is putting a lot more emphasis on sports than its competitor.

The fight will be an 8 round exhibition with Roy Jones Jr (51 years old) sanction by California State Athletic Commission and will featur not only an undercard but live musical performances from the like of Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Future, The Weeknd, Pitbull, Marshmello and more according to TMZ.

Triller will also produce a 10-part docuseries leading up to the event.

Watch Tyson and Triller both flex their muscles in this hype vid...

It sounds like this is something that begs to have a live audience attend but no word on if the current COVID-19 pandemic will allow a small crowd or not.

By the way, for those that were hoping that Tyson's comeback would be against Evander Holyfield TMZ is reporting that my be his second comeback fight!


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