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Disturbing Development In Russell Brand Story That Will Fire Up His Supporters

Something disturbing just happened in the Russell Brand saga.

Not as disturbing as some of the allegations against Russell, but disturbing nonetheless.

Piers Morgan just published on Twitter, a copy of a letter from the British government, asking the social media network, Rumble, if Russell Brand still has the ability to monetize his content.

Read for yourself.

I didn't love it when YouTube rushed to demonetize his channel and I definitely don't love this. No government should be interfering in any way, no matter what the circumstances are, in peoples content.

Is Russell Brand being accused of something completely despicable? Yes he is.

Is he guilty? We just don't know. Did he do these despicable things on social media? No he did not.

No government has any business interfering like this and this should scare everyone.

The only thing governments should be rushing to do in these situations is get their police departments to launch an investigation!!!

Spotify did the right thing. They haven't changed a single thing when it comes to Russell Brand. Their policy is, if it wasn't done on their platform, if it doesn't violate their terms, then it stays. It's not like he was inciting violence or encouraging any sort of dangerous behavior. In fact, the only dangerous thing here is a government official getting involved to harm an individual who hasn't been convicted of doing anything.

Don't get me wrong, if it's proven that Russell Brand did these horrific acts, not only should he be banned from these platforms, the last video we should see him in, is his public execution! If venues want to cancel a tour date, that's fine. If his agent wants to drop him, OK. You can't force people to do business with him and if people want to take it upon themselves to boycott him... great! It's all fine with me. But no government official should interfere or even get involved with anything other than committing to an investigation.

This is the very reason Brand's popularity has skyrocketed. He's capitalized on people not wanting to trust their government and this idiot that wrote this letter has justified those feelings.


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