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Conservatives Struggle to Pick a Side with Russell Brand Allegations

Truth seeker, out to take on the main stream media... Or... Hollywood elite pedophile? Actor turned podcaster set to expose big pharma... Or... Adrenochrome child eating monster?

This is a tough one for conservatives.

Right vs. Left is easy, but when one of those sides can't decide, that's when things get interesting.

Just check the comment section on the last few episodes of the podcast and you'll see a wide variety of responses to the allegations levied against Russell Brand since Sunday. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a blog to pontificate on if the victims are lying or if Russell did this or not. Brace yourself but we're going to let the justice system determine that.

This is simply a blog to poke fun at our current state of identity politics. Its amazing how quickly people are rushing to a determination. Listen, we like opinions, there's nothing wrong with having an opinion. We wouldn't have a podcast without opinions. So keep those opinions coming. It's just the veracity of some of these opinions that are a little shocking.

The truth is, no one can be sure of anything just yet. If this really is the main stream media taking him down, we're going to find out. If he really did these horrific things, we're going to find that out. One thing is for certain and that is that everyone is distancing themselves from him as quick as possible.

One can argue that this is cancel culture at its finest... Or... That these are companies protecting themselves from a potentially very damaging situation. I will say, credit to Megyn Kelly, for not immediately jumping on to the conspiracy theory train as Elon and others are doing without knowing much.

The truth will be revealed over time, and you can bet that we'll be covering it every step of the way on the AOA Podcast!


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