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AOA 2023 Golden A-Hole Awards

Its that time of year where we sit down and evaluate our favorites from the past year! Vote be

low to pick the best in each category and before the year is out, we will award the Golden A-Hole Award!

Best Movie

  • 0%Oppenheimer

  • 0%Barbie

  • 0%The Holdovers

  • 0%Air

Best Album

  • 0%Walk Around The Moon - Dave Matthews Band

  • 0%72 Seasons - Metallica

  • 0%But Here We Are - Foo Fighters

  • 0%Guts - Olivia Rodrigo

Best TV Show

  • 0%Succession - HBO

  • 0%The Bear - Hulu/FX

  • 0%The Last of Us - HBO

  • 0%The Morning Show - Apple TV

Best Comedy Special

  • 0%Marc Maron - From Bleak to Dark

  • 0%John Mulaney - Baby J

  • 0%Nate Bargatze - Hello World

  • 0%Mike Birbiglia - The Old Man and The Pool

Best Blind Top 5

  • 0%Christmas Songs

  • 0%Breakfast Foods

  • 0%Life Celebrations

  • 0%Actor and Director of Your Biopic

Watch the AOA crew announce the 2023 Golden AOA-Hole Nominees

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