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Anthony Moves To WLNG

Word is out... Ant is on the bus!

On Monday, January 13th, Anthony will join the WLNG team with his new weeknight show at 6pm! Speaking to the Sag Harbor Express, WLNG Caretaker Bill Evans said, "We’re glad to be adding Anthony to our all-star lineup. We’re delighted and proud to welcome him to the LNG family.”

Anthony echoed the excitement saying, "WLNG has been adding a lot of talent to their roster lately. They are investing in good local programming, which we should all praise in today’s climate. It will be interesting to see how I can incorporate elements of my show that I’ve become known for into the fabric of the station. But I will say it has been refreshing working with such great programmers like Bill and Gary that know how to support personalities like myself so that we can entertain people unencumbered.”

Anthony also confirmed that Morning Show Meme Monday will be a part of the new show with a slight name change to #MemeMonday.

"Keeping people interacting on the phones, on Facebook and Twitter is super important. Meme Monday has always been a fun way to do that." Anthony said in his pajamas. "I'm not sure if Brews N' Grooves will continue, although food and drink will always remain prevalent."

Anthony continued, "That's what is so exciting about this... We have a clean slate to take the best of what we had in the morning and create new things as well!"

The phone lines will be open on Monday at 6pm! Lets light up those lines for Ant at 631-725-2300!

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- Cuddles


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