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Thanks for checking out my demo!

Here’s whats in the demo

1. Quick in studio bit about Alexa.

2. A segment from a live broadcast (Note the inclusion of sponsors. The great thing about my ability to produce digital on top of radio is that added element sponsors will receive. Not only are they in the videos we produce but they’re tagged when we put these on social.)

3. We incorporated a sponsor (Nutritionist Kathy Labella) into a video we were doing for something else entirely. I just saw the opportunity to organically tie her in so we did.

4. On stage intro… I wanted to show what I can do in a live setting. In this instance a listener came up to me 2 mins before I was supposed to go on and told me something and I turned it into what you see…

5. The first of the Farm aid clips is a fun, off the cuff thing we did during a facebook live chat… We spent several days up in Hartford, CT. We did a live broadcast Friday morning and then live spots during the Saturday concert itself. So this is a mix of everything that happened as well as some behind the scenes footage that we released to our insiders club.

6. Checking in bit

7. Parking at Farm Aid

8. Ron Stern

9. Behind the scenes at Farm Aid vlog (This ends with a great example on how my digital material was giving me a bigger reach then our on air signal was providing)

10. Rock n’ Roll Cheese Game (This one is just turning a news story into a game… Spur of the moment on air bit that we turned into a digital piece as well)

11. Lone Bellow Interview (Just showing that my interviews where always just a bit different)


Thanks for watching this demo

- Ant

Here's an example of promos, memes reviews and client vids

In this demo

1. Us Open Promo

2. Craft Beer Live Hit

3. Making News 12, Viral Meme sample and Results

4. Client video (An office spoof for Dunkin Donuts)

5. Client video (A David Bowie App Review)

6. 3 Different clips with food clients

Grab my resume here

That time Howard Stern came to hang with me

That time Jimmy Fallon came to hang with me


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East End
The Sound
of Beer
East HamptonStar
Music in the Morning, and Much More
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